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Denmark polygons

Denmark polygons
March 08, 2018 11:48AM
I will be updating Denmark's polygons today. There are some affected tags:

Regions only in Denmark:
Regions only in _tmp_Denmark:
Counties only in Denmark:
Counties only in _tmp_Denmark:
Potentially affected scripts (source code matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
Potentially affected scripts (config matches a region/country that has been added/removed):
tagId:4783 creator:jacobsedk gccode:GC3G390
tagId:11451 creator:jacobsedk gccode:GC5FN2C
tagId:11456 creator:jacobsedk gccode:GC5FN1M
tagId:11461 creator:jacobsedk gccode:GC5E50J
tagId:16867 creator:Pudsemand og kone gccode:GC3G390
tagId:24021 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZFMP
tagId:24384 creator:vogelbird gccode:GC6ZFMP
tagId:16808 creator:psvej26 gccode:GC3G390
Re: Denmark polygons
March 08, 2018 12:04PM
I have updated the above tags. I have not tested them, they could need some testing. Since I updated them directly in the database I haven't even confirmed that the JSON is correct.
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