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Re: Just out of interest ?

[New script required] Just out of interest ?
July 17, 2020 07:24PM

is it possible to create a checker for this one ?


its really hard to work out if you can log it or not

sorry to bother you if it not possible

Re: Just out of interest ?
July 18, 2020 09:28AM
This challenge requires a special script.
I will mark this topic as New script required for a scriptwriter to extent an existing script
Re: Just out of interest ?
August 27, 2020 07:27AM
Excuse me for asking, but why do you want a challenge checker for someone else's cache? How are you going to get it put onto the cache page?
Re: Just out of interest ?
August 27, 2020 10:17AM
Challenge caches published prior to April 21, 2015 do not have the requirement to have a checker therefor many of those grandfathered caches do not show the checker in the listing although there is a checker available.

The checker system shows those caches as fulfilled / not fulfilled on the challenge map when there is a checker
( https://project-gc.com/Tools/Challenges?map ) hence the need to have checkers
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