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+11 votes
As the owner, I have all received mail logs.
But sometimes finders add images. And I never notice for this.
Is it possible to add on Project-GC a page which display all the photos added in the logs received on our caches?
Thank you !
in Feature requests by Jipem (1.7k points)
This is covered on the geocaching web site already. (although on a per owned cache basis, not all collected together). I like wanrex's notification idea better.

3 Answers

+7 votes
As people submit the log first and upload the picture later.

Does it possible to notify CO, new pictures added in your cache, similar to that of "Log Change" or "Fav point added" notification?
by wanrex (1.3k points)
+1 vote

=> Thank you !!!! :-D
by Jipem (1.7k points)
You are most welcome! :)
0 votes
Great question and answer. We've always wanted to find out how to do this.
by GCZ Team (22.0k points)
Difficult to understand why someone thinks this positive answer deserves a negative down vote! Do they think it should have been a comment and not an answer?