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16.4k views  recommends Greasemonkey  for Firefox and Tampermonkey for Chrome.

But in the community support some answers to say, both extensions work fine.

What is correct?

I use Firefox and I have installed Tampermonkey.
in Support and help by eltopo00 (1.8k points)

2 Answers

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Greasemonkey existed before even Chrome browser was born and it works only in Firefox. On the other hand, Tampermonky was created later, its user scripts are compatible with Greasemonkey and supports both browsers.

In Firefox, you are free to use either of the extensions and you should get the same results without any functional difference. But in recent ~year, and mostly after the incident you linked to, I started recommending using Tampermonkey. Greasemonkey got more limited and even though this script now works fine now and will probably work some more years, it has very bad documentation and reoslving issues with that was more like a roulette.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)
selected by eltopo00
Thank you for your detailed reply.
That solves the contradiction between the two infos I tripped over.
I suggest to correct the sentence "Damit das Skript mit Firefox arbeiten kann, muss Greasemonkey installiert werden" on
I created an issue in the translation system to address this inaccuracy.
Thank you. But it's not only obsolete in German: In the English version I read: "To make the script work with Firefox, Greasemonkey needs to be installed."
Yes, I created that issue as an issue with the source text. Once there will be a new version in English, translators will fix it in all the other languages.
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Both extensions have a lot of similarities and are ported to the other browser.

They should work in both Firefox and Chrome.

I have not tested the detailed functionality. This would be an interesting project.

More information:

by micha_de (7.1k points)