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SwitchVirtual GPS list during planning in Live Map [closed]

0 votes
When planning a tour in Live Map I often come to a situation where I would like to change the active Virtual GPS list without leaving the map. I found this good work-around with the following steps. 1.) work in Live Map with VGPS #1, then Change VGPS to #2 and then return to the previous live map settings by clicking Right in the Browsers Navigation menu. This brings you back to the same area where you were before switching the VGPS list. My Question is now: is this the only way or do there exists some or at least one better way to switch the VGPS list without leaving the Live Map??
asked Feb 26, 2019 in Feature requests by H_M_A (1,710 points)
closed Feb 27, 2019 by H_M_A
Thanks a lot for this answer.
This one provides a workaround until it will be fixed: