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It's been 2-1/2 years since this

Basically every new Garmin gps being built has GGZ capability, is there not enough users wanting this feature? I use gsak now for making GGZ files, would be nice to do it from PGC.

If the PGC won't do it, does anybody know of an Android app or software that will convert from gpx to ggz?

I know you can do it in Windows, would like to use my android.
in Support and help by rockn'roll (610 points)
I think the conditions stated before still apply -- the ggz is still (internal) format for a few garmin devices, but the conversion from gpx should not be too complicated as there are already tools ready so it should not be too hard to implement inside of PGC if there would be enough people interested.
There is something incomplete in that assessment.  GGZ is also useful for importing caches into GSAK and GEOGET.  I have not surveyed the mobile phone apps but I suspect several of them do or could easily ingest GGZ files as they are basically a zip file with multiple gpx files inside (for purposes of importing). Exporting is a bit trickier as other meta data needs to be generated. Importing a GPX from virtual GPS that has close to 10k caches and 100 logs per cache can cripple GSAK.

Additionally GGZ was originally released around 2014.  It has primarily been a one manufacturer standard.  However in that time a few things have happened. Magellan and others have left the geocaching market. Memory has become cheaper and the newer garmin units support ggz and larger number of caches.
I don't see the point in having 250 K geocaches on my Garmin. By the time you find 2k how many would be needing maintenance, archived already or would be just temporary be unavailable. I rather plan my trip and upload my list of 1000 caches with al the latest data and logs .
To each his own. If you were to travel in the States or Canada , you can go vast distances with no cell coverage, having lots of caches in your gpsr means you can do more without having to load your gpsr all the time and you won't be looking for wifi or cell service to update with another gpx file. I have gone on trips where I didn't have to load any files , just cache, to me having a GGZ export on PGC just makes sense, It's not for everybody that's why the gpx export choice will still be there.

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