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Could you please elaborate the new badges wiki regarding addons?

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There is a list of available addons for each badge, but it is still unclear what is exact requirement for each addon. For example, how many boat-attribute caches are required to get boat addon? The same for other ones.
related to an answer for: List of changed BadgeGen criteria?
asked Feb 12 in Support and help by dadoskawina (200 points)

4 Answers

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It looks like there are at least two different badges where where addons can have different meaning. But the first rule is common -- you need gem level to get addon:

When achieving the status of a Gem badge you have unlocked the possibility of Addons.

One of them is described in the wiki. It makes sense for types badges:

For example, The Traditional Cacher will get a nice 366-addon added to it if you have logged a Geocache of the type Traditional on every date of the calendar. 

Example with Climbing addon will be similar as your Boat example. It is described in this answer. To get the addon for climbing gear, you need to have at least the diamond requirements fulfilled with caches having Climbing or Boat attribute (for Rugged Cacher and Climbing, it is 150).

Other example are FTF, Leap day and so on. These really can not require to have hundreds FTFs on this type of caches or on this day so they look like require just one of these.

But I agree that this would be nice to have summarized in the wiki and confirmed by somebody who wrote the code or has more knowledge about the system.

answered Feb 12 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,990 points)
I've been trying to update the wiki, especially in regard to the leap day addon ( - work in progress) as users will want to know about that soon. But as I've had no involvement with the badge redesign, I'm currently working a little blind.
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Does this link help answer your questions?  It took me awhile to finally find where the Add-ons information is summarized so I am trying to provide the link anywhere I see someone asking.

answered Feb 24 by TigreToot (15,680 points)
edited Feb 24 by TigreToot
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There are already some detail wiki pages for the addons.

Think FTF, Giga event, Lost & Found (L&F) Attribute, Boat attribute, Old Virtual (2005 or earlier), CITO, Field Puzzle attribute, Partnership attribute, Mega event, Climbing attribute, Geotour attribute will follow soon.

answered Feb 24 by supertwinfan (15,530 points)
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Just found some more information.

As Boat Addon is only available with the The Adventurous Cacher and The Rugged Cacher Badge:

The Adventurous Cacher Boat - Log the amount required for Diamond, with 5/5 caches carrying the Boat attribute.

The Rugged Cacher Boat - Log the amount required for Diamond, with Terrain 5 Geocaches carrying the Boat attribute.

answered Feb 24 by supertwinfan (15,530 points)