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Challenge Cache Exceptions List

0 votes
Please provide the link to request old challenges (prior to requiring word 'challenge' in title) be added to the exceptions list.
asked Feb 21 in Miscellaneous by TerraViators (8,100 points)
Why do you need it? You can already list all the challenges on the map (and in the list below). It should not matter whether it is a challenge with a word "challenge" in the name or exception:

2 Answers

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I think the OP is asking to have the link to the exception list to request to ADD challenge caches, (and added particularly those that do not have the word challenge in their title - which are mainly the older ones.) 

@TerraViators - There isnt a link, as only moderators and a few others have access - so please list any challenge caches that you think need adding, here, and they will be added to the list - if they are not already on that list

answered Feb 21 by Deepdiggingmole (8,200 points)
edited Feb 21 by Deepdiggingmole
From the exception page it says
Not all Geocaches are clear if they are a Challenge or not. Therefore Project-GC has built a Challenge Exception-system. A part of the community has been granted access to this system, and they read through cache description to add votes if they believe these Geocaches are Challenges or not.

There is also a forum page where this small group discuss any that are borderline / can be argued either way
It is really not clear from the question so this is a reason why I asked for clarification. If that is so, there is already at least one thread for reporting these old challenge caches so there is really no need to start one more.
+3 votes
Best answer
If you want to request a new cache that is missing from the challenge caches list, please use the following thread:
answered Feb 21 by Jakuje (Moderator) (103,300 points)
selected Feb 23 by TerraViators