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Badge - The Cache Owner

0 votes
There are additional awards for some badges. Examples: "FTF" or "found on 29.02"

Are there additional "badges" for the Badge - "The Cache Owner" ?
Like for example "laid on 29.02" ? "all sizes laid," "number of different cache types hidden," etcetera?

Many greetings
Sascha alias Lord_Charming
asked Feb 23 in Feature requests by Lord_Charming (250 points)

2 Answers

+1 vote

Another user was recently kind enough to point me towards "The wiki" (which, for whatever reason is not well-advertised):

Short answer seems to be "no".

answered Feb 23 by Funky_Boris (9,620 points)
Many thanks for the answer.
+1 vote
Best answer

The scope of the following link is way beyond your question but it does help to provide an add-on matrix giving all the available options:

Just click on the Addons in the box and it will jump you to the matrix.

answered Feb 23 by TigreToot (5,520 points)
selected Feb 23 by Lord_Charming
Thanks for the answer and the link to this page. Now I can read myself exactly there.
I am glad I could help and thank you for voting Best answer.  It is greatly appreciated.