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+2 votes
I have the 29-Feb add-on for micro and odd-sized.  Shouldn't there also be a 29-Feb add-on for the type of cache finds?  Traditionals, unknowns, multis, ...  I have the 29-Feb on my Event badge.
in Feature requests by Wet_Coaster (500 points)

2 Answers

+3 votes

According to the wiki, there is a Leap Day add-on for those cache types.

[edited to add: Add-ons aren't triggered until the badge is at gem-level. "When achieving the status of a Gem badge you have unlocked the possibility of Addons."]

by 99celing (700 points)
edited by 99celing
Right, I completely forgot about having to reach 'Gem' level for the add-on to be unlocked.

Thanks for the quick answer.
0 votes

I stumbled on this link the other day and passing it along to anyone who has questions about the leap day add-on.  It's a complete add-on matrix that I hope will answer your question.

This is a comprehensive wiki page that will also show you all the new badges.

by TigreToot (26.6k points)