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Why is badgegen not showing the 29th add on although I found 9 cache types on leap day?  It has increased my diverse cacher award to sapphire.
in Support and help by Spire67 (320 points)
I will piggy back this here. So I found 5 Adventure Lags on Saturday, but because the first one was at like 3 or 4 PM PST, it shows up as 3/1/2020 at UTC. So it looks like I was unable to get the 29th Add On for Lab Caches. Is there a work around for this or like a few others, am I just going to have to find a lab cache earlier in the day in 2024?
Although this is not related to the original question:
Your issue is not with Project-GC but with a issue. Labs are (as all caches) registered on

The information is simply transferred to PGC via the API. However, Labs have very limited information coming with them, which causes a lot of other errors (e.g. milestones).

2 Answers

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AddOns were originally intended to be something to aim for, when you have a badge on Diamond. To have another goal, apart from looping the badge. This is why many AddOns require the Diamond requirement to have it shown (e.g. LeapDay on Diverse, OldVirtual on Virtual, Climb on Adventurous ...).
For certain badges this is just not possible (imagine 18000 trads or 35 countries on Leap Day), which is why there are AddOns which are awarded far earlier on some badges.
by clappy (15.7k points)
selected by Spire67
It already sais in the wiki page, that for some badges, diamond is required. However, it would be nice to know for which ones this applies. Can you please tell that?
I, for example, have found caches in two different countries on leap day, but I'm only on ruby level. So does the FTF addon not show (or only when I achieve diamond? or do I first have to have diamond and then fulfill the achievement again?)
This is a link to the criteria for the diverse cacher add ons.

This is the page for general criteria for each bage.  There are links to each of the specific badges from that page.  It would be helpful if there was a link to this page from the Badgegen page to save having to hunt for it.

It would also be useful if crietria such as which cache types count towards the diverse cacher were listed.
@Stuttguy: I'm afraid I don't quite understand the problem. If you found caches in 2 countries on leap Day you should get the 29FEB AddOn on "The Traveling Cacher" once you have it on Ruby or higher.
The FTF AddOn is not awarded for LeapDay finds (there could be the 29FEB on "The FTF Addict" for FTFing a cache on LeapDay).

If I forgot to address something or misunderstood, please let me know.

The wiki is still not finished yet, currently it is mostly one person working on it in their spare time.
Sorry if it's difficult to understand my post - English is not my native tongue.
I found two caches on leap day (2020-02-29) - one in Austria and one in Germany. I also have the ruby badge "The Traveling Cacher" for 16 countries. So, if I understand you correctly, I qualify for the leap day addon on this badge, correct?

On a different note, I already had an FTF in Austria (not my home country) and got the addon "FTF" on "The Traveling Cacher" - so this works.

Am I misunderstanding something?
After doing my own research using this link,, I found this text under the Traveling Cacher:

"Leapday - Log a Geocache on leap day in at least two different countries."

It appears you should have the 29th Feb add-on since you own the Ruby badge and you have found caches in 2 different countries.  If it isn't showing up, try refreshing your badgegen screen or waiting for PGC to update.
Well, I did so, several times since Feb 29th. However, the addon doesn't show. I wonder if anybody has this addon. There are a lot of new issues popping up, that have to do with leap day.
I mean, it's not the world ... but since it's such a rare event, it would be nice to have the small label :)
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Just dug around and found you have to get diamond level on leap day to get awarded this add on.

That is 11 cache types on leap day.  It is highly unlikely if not impossible to get 11 cache types on leap day.  I don't think there can be a CITO on the 29th Feb as they cannot be held until 1st March.  Why is this add on not available from gem level like other leap day add ons?
by Spire67 (320 points)
It's perfectly possible to hold a CITO on leap day. You won't get the CITO souvenir for the spring season, but that's no reason not to hold a CITO.
Just a quick comment regarding CITOs on 29 February: of course CITOs could be held on 29 February. Only that such a CITO would not count towards the souvenir.
You have to do at least 11 cachetypes on Leap Day in order to get that addon indeed. I did 13 types on Leap Day (and met lots of other cachers who did the same), so it's not impossible (although we were lucky to have a Mega and the Locationless Cache available). Regarding Cito's: they can be held all year (I did one on Leap Day, and have already done 5 others in 2020), but you only earn a souvenir for attending one between March 1st and May 31st (and between September 1st and November 30th as well).