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+2 votes

The addons is a great idea. Actually we see those we achieved. What would be nice, is to see also those still to be achieved, but in another color.

in Feature requests by choucroute (300 points)

1 Answer

+2 votes
Although it would be technically possible:

No. The reason is simple: AddOns are meant to be a goal after you have the badge on Diamond, exept looping it. Although there are easier ones, there are also really hard ones, e.g. where you need to fulfil the Diamond requirement in a special way again. Also, most cachers will never get every AddOn, and many might only get very few. To display all AddOns would also make the badge very crowded.

All possible AddOns can be viewed here:
by clappy (14.2k points)
My point was not to add all 16 addons on each badge, but only those allowed..... There is only one badge with 6 addons. Most of them have 4. I do not think it would be that much crowed. And on the other hand they would be there once achieved.
For me, I enjoy the new visual affect of it showing up once I qualify.  I don't want to see it until I qualify.  There is a Wiki that lists the Matrix for all the possible AddOns.  I find that sufficient for me to study and plan for the future.
Hi Tigre Toot,
But on the other hand I guess you enjoy to see (visualy displayed) how many caches you have to find to achieve anothe gem ! It is in fact the same thing. Having everything displayed on one page and not have to jump in a table would be more confortable to my point of view.
I have no argument with your point of view and did not question it.  I'm simply letting you know my point of view which differs from yours.
I get very well that you meant not all 16 but only the maximum achievable. :)

However, we want the AddOns to be "positive" awards, so they should only be displayed, when they are fulfilled. Otherwise, many people would see a lot of red dots (or any other color) on there badges indicating what they have not (and probably never will) achieve.

It's somehow similar with the badges. Not achieved ones are only visible in the details table, but not on the main page, where every badge shows an achievement of one sorts!