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+1 vote
Regarding "The Attribute Cacher" statistics I think there is a bug in counting the achieved attributes, depending on whether the user is a premium member or not (BadgeGen v4 (BETA)). So in case the user has achieved all possible attributes but 4 (GeoTour, Lost and Found, Partnership, Scuba gear) this counts as 102 attributes achieved for a non premium member and as 103 for a premium member. Please not that they both collected the "Needs Maintenance" attribute.
in Bug reports by zuza88 (160 points)
Why do you think the "Scuba gear" does not count in the requirements? The "Needs Maintenance" does not count. Can you show us the example of the statistics (usernames) where you think there is a bug?
See the new wiki for the list of counting and not counting attributes:
On the beginning I thought it is related to premium member, however I've found the following users that achieved the same attributes, but the badgegen shows different numbers:

Just run badgegen for them to check.
Interesting. I have the same attributes and I miss also the diamond badge, even though I am premium. I believe the missing one is Scuba (as the excluded are clearly documented in the previous link), but in that case, I do not know why marjulhan has this badge when he misses that attribute too.
Interesting, I see both of them as having Emerald attribute badge, both saying they miss 1 from the next level...

1 Answer

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This looks like it was just a temporary issue with some statistics that were generated in the past. The premium status probably only triggered regeneration of stats earlier. Currently, both profiles show Emerald Attribute badge as expected (The scuba gear is missing).
by Jakuje (Moderator) (117k points)