The Attribute Cacher

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The Attribute Cacher
General data
Name The Attribute Cacher
Max loops 99
Bronze 50
Silver 70
Gold 82
Platinum 88
Ruby 94
Sapphire 99
Emerald 104
Diamond 107
Addons available

The Attribute Cacher


Log Geocaches with all the various attributes. There currently are 70 attributes available, not counting the old Cactus attribute which is considered deprecated. Some of these attributes can be toggled as either set or unset, some can only exist in the set-state. The goal with this badge is to log every available attribute, but there are a few exceptions.

  • Needs Maintenance - This is not considered a standard attribute, and is therefore not required. It is meant to be temporary, in contrary to the others which are meant to be permanent.
  • GeoTour, Lost and Found, and Partnership are also a bit special, and in some cases quite rare. Furthermore, the GeoTour and Partnership attributes are not always permanent. Therefore, these are not required either.

This leaves it to a total of 107 attributes to collect, when counting both set and unset attributes. The Diamond-badge requires the user to log all of the 107 attributes.


badgegen-v4-badge.php?icon=TheAttributeCacher&quality=D&addons=&loop=99&.png By logging multiple of each available attribute the user will be able to loop this badge. The number of loops will equal the count of the attribute the user has the least of.



  • Leapday - Log Geocaches with all 107 attributes on Leap day(s) to achieve this addon.
  • L&F - Log at least one Geocache with the Lost and Found attribute to achieve this addon.
  • Partnership - Log at least one Geocache with the Partnership attribute to achieve this addon.
  • Geotour - Log at least one Geocache with the Geotour attribute to achieve this addon.


This Badge was added with the BadgeGen 4.0 release early 2020.

31st of August 2020 four new attributes were added by HQ, a fifth will be added "soon". This lead to the following changes:

  • Diamond increased by 4 - When the fifth attribute is released Diamond will be increased by yet one more (from 103, to 107 and then to 108).
  • Emerald increased by 4
  • Sapphire increased by 4
  • Ruby increased by 4
  • Platinum increased by 3
  • Gold increased by 2