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I just noticed another possible bug.  I've already read this thread and the problem is not the same.

I have both places set to Imperial units (feet and miles) under Settings from the screen name drop down menu and also under Statistics - Profile Stats - Settings. When I look at the Hide tab everything reports as Imperial units.  However, when I hover over the Long Distance and High Altitude badges it still reports the units as metric.  I believe the badge levels are also still reporting as metric.

To attempt to resolve, I have already toggled off both Imperial settings and then did a Shift + Refresh.  This worked to set everything back to metric.  When I toggled Imperial back on and used the same refresh procedure the same problem persisted.

in Bug reports by TigreToot (26.5k points)
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1 Answer

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Could well be that the levels are only defined in metric units. It does not make sense to have both values in the database for reference, since they are redundant.

But on a display matter, there should be the option to have it displayed differently. I don't know, if it was different before the update (I guess not, but I don't know, since I'm only using ("the correct" :D ) metric units.
by clappy (15.5k points)
selected by TigreToot
It may be a matter of programming that needs to be installed, updated, or fixed.  If it can convert and display properly in the Finds and Hides tabs, then, logically it should convert and display under the BadgeGen tab.  Can you refer this to those who were updating the programming when the badges were being updated?

LOL, yes, I realize that imperial vs. metric is a joke with you folks across the pond and I wish the US had converted years ago but I don't make policy in America.