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Minor Badge Bug

0 votes

This is a super minor bug so please consider it way down your list!

The alt-text for every badge gives the number of finds needed to reach the next level EXCEPT the lab cache badge which gives the absolute number for the next level

For example, if you had found 50 caches and the number required for the next level was 100

For the LAB cache badge it will say "User has 50 and needs 100 to go up a level"

For all other badges it says ""User has 50 and needs 50 more to go up a level"

asked Jul 6 in Bug reports by -KROP- (360 points)
To be precise, both the wordings are necessary. Badges like the busy cacher (number of caches in a single day) need the wording that the lab cache badge currently has, since in order to increase your level on that you need to start from scratch on a different day. You are correct in that the lab cache badge should use the other type of wording, though.

2 Answers

0 votes

This was also asked in another question back in May:

but nothing seems to have changed. Perhaps it is on the ‘to do’ list? As you say, it is a minor bug.

answered Jul 7 by GCZ Team (19,170 points)
+3 votes
Best answer
We were aware of the different wording, but somehow we did not address it earlier. I talked to magma, it will be changed.
answered Jul 7 by clappy (9,770 points)
selected Jul 7 by -KROP-