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0 votes
I was listening to the Geocaching Podcast this morning and they were talking about the number of finds they had in 2020. I actually had my second best year in 2020, but I bet it was my most traveled year with trips from California to Washington DC, Alaska, and Florida. That got me to thinking, it would be nice to see what my cache distance was by year. Is that something we can put in the statistics somewhere or even make a checker for it? I wouldn't mind making a challenge cache like travel so many miles in a year or so many miles over so many consecutive years.
in Feature requests by elrojo14 (160 points)

2 Answers

0 votes

The only way to know at the moment is to use a checker

But the script is not really for this calc to know which year this is fulfilling and knowing this is not an allowed challenge the script will not be bettered.

by vogelbird (Expert) (56.6k points)
0 votes
I agree that this would be a fun stat to have. I think it would be a nice addition to have "Maximum distance in a year" and maybe even "Maximum distance in a month" as a complement to "Maximum distance in a day" and "Total cache-to-cache distance" in the Profile Stats. For the challenge part it would not be allowed per the guidelines tho.

My suggested workaround for now would be to use URL-manipulation of the Profile Stats to check your total distance for December 31, 2020 and for December 31, 2019 and then take the 2020-distance and subtract the 2019-distance. This should get you the distance for that year. You would need to do it manually for each year you want to check tho.

Information about URL-manipulation can be found here:
by Pleu (47.4k points)