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0 votes

I am a Premium and paying PGC member.

Lab caches were included in my current streak a few days ago, now I have a gap with one day in Aug-2021 where I only cached for labs...

Were the rules changes and if so, why?

in Bug reports by Carangue (980 points)

1 Answer

+3 votes

Nothing have changed, you have opted out of including lab caches in your profile stats. This can be confirmed by checking for example "First cache by cache type", according to that you have not logged any lab caches at all.

There is a bug that causes this to happen sometimes. Just adjust your settings and opt in of including lab caches in your profile stats and your streak will be repaired at the next rendering of your profile stats. 

Info on where to find the setting available here:

by Pleu (23.1k points)
Great thanks, I didn't know that occasionally a bug was disrupting the profile settings.

Fixed ✔️