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+1 vote

Limiting upvoting discourages valuable feedback from new users and encourages duplicate questions just to achieve enough reputation points.
I have been a paid subscriber for a number of years but have not been very active on the forum.
Why should that be required to give feedback?
IMO, everyone should be able to upvote issues but at least paying customers should have that ability.

Today I attempted to upvote a great suggestion but could not do so because my 120 reputation is below the unclear threshold (130?):

project-gc is a great toolkit but the certain UI features are very non-intuitive. Most notably, the filters on region and county maps do not behave in an expected manner.

I found this excellent suggestion but it may languish unheeded if only those with reputation can upvote it.

in Miscellaneous by kathysgeek (150 points)
Ironically, by asking this question I exceeded the threshold to vote on the aforementioned issue.
My question still stands.

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