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0 votes

is it possible to set the "Search" page as default instead the "Dashboard" as it was until about 1 month ago? If it is not possible at the moment, can you perhaps implement this in user settings?

in Miscellaneous by Gr√ľnnstein (410 points)
I don't understand the point of this request to be honest.

If you know what page you want to visit just type that URL instead of just the main site. Save it as a bookmark on your phone and/or computer and you don't even have to do the typing.

For the record the dashboard was always the default, it's the content of the dashboard that changed and it's the that's the new page.
The point is I'm used to click on the website logo top left which is now directing me to part of the website that is useless.
To me it seems like a more effective option is that you unlearn that and developer time can be spent on somehing that is of greater use to the general user. :) As I said, you could just make a bookmark and click that instead.

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