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Development work and progress of the Project-GC Userscript RETURN to Project-GC Userscript Main Page

The following are features and the change logs of work that was performed on this:

We welcome individuals who would like to help us make this project better. Without the support of the community - this project would not exist! You can help with development and bug-squashing or you can just submit bugs and feature requests that the team will review and attempt to work on.

Please note: The script partly depends on back-end API calls to Project-GC, the API itself is closed source and undocumented.


  • Programming experience in JavaScript
  • Familiarity with the UserScript capabilities and functional JavaScript
  • Experience with GitHub Repository management (cloning, branching, forking, submissions, pull-requests, etc...)
  • Willingness to work within a team to discuss changes and accept criticism and praise.

Clone and fork the project, make your changes and submit them with a pull-request.

Review the [current issues] (feature requests and bugs). Work on existing issues or propose a new issue and submit for review.