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Solved Mysteries is a tool for users with a paid membership, the idea of the tool is to plot all caches that the user has solved on a map. There are some problems with this. The solutions or 'corrected coordinates' are gathered by the site in two different ways, the first one is to parse them from the user's personal cache notes and the second is to find the actual corrected coordinates. Unfortunately the Geocaching LIVE api does not support the retrieval of all the corrected coordinates of a user with one single API-call and neither can it report which geocaches a user has corrected coordinates for, so Project-GC can not retrieve just those caches. However, it is possible to retrieve all the user's personal cache notes in this way, so that is the best way for a user to make sure that the tool finds all their solutions.

If a cache note has several coordinates, the first one will be used as the final coordinate. If a cache has both corrected coordinates and a cache note with coordinates in it, the corrected coordinates will be used.

Project-GC will look into methods to find all the corrected coordinates for selected areas for a user in the future.

The tool is map-based and has these standard filters available:

The resulting map have the standard map features allowing a user to add selected geocaches to a Virtual GPS or turn of found or hidden caches for example.