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Where does it describe the state badges? What factor determines the level achieved in a country?

  • There is currently no description of the state badges. They still work exactly like they did before the release of BadgeGen v4. This means that you will get (at least) bronze as soon as you have logged a cache in a country. All the other badges require logs in certain percentages of the number of regions of the country in question, so the number of regions required for a certain badge level vary from country to country. Some countries don't have regions at all and give diamond for the first log (The Vatican, for instance).

For symmetry, shouldn't the Matrix Cacher badge have an FTF add-on to match the existing D/T add-on for the FTF Addict badge?

  • That would mean awarding two addons for the same achievement. What's the point?
    • The point would be symmetry, since FTF is being treated as both a badge and an add-on. By the same token, there ought to be an FTF add-on for the Calendar Cacher badge. But if these are the only cases where an achievement is marked twice, then perhaps it is indeed better to leave it as is.