The Favorited Owner

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The Favorited Owner
General data
Name The Favorited Owner
Max loops 99
Bronze 25
Silver 40
Gold 60
Platinum 90
Ruby 150
Sapphire 210
Emerald 320
Diamond 500

The Favorited Owner

badgegen-v4-badge.php?icon=TheFavoritedOwner&quality=D&addons=&loop=&.png Sum up the favorite points of the user's Geocaching hides.


badgegen-v4-badge.php?icon=TheFavoritedOwner&quality=D&addons=&loop=99&.png Gain twice the amount of favorite points required for Diamond to get a second loop.


No addons available.


This badge existed in BadgeGen v3, though it had the name The Favorite Cacher then. With version 4 it was renamed to leave room for a new badge with another interpretation of the name.