The Letterboxer

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The Letterboxer
General data
Name The Letterboxer
Max loops 99
Bronze 5
Silver 6
Gold 7
Platinum 8
Ruby 10
Sapphire 15
Emerald 25
Diamond 50
Addons available
D/T, 366, Leapday, FTF

The Letterboxer

badgegen-v4-badge.php?icon=TheLetterboxer&quality=D&addons=&loop=&.png Log Letterbox Hybrid caches to gain this badge.


badgegen-v4-badge.php?icon=TheLetterboxer&quality=D&addons=&loop=99&.png By doubling the amount required for Diamond the user starts looping this badge.



  • D/T - Log all (81) unique D/T combinations with Letterbox Hybrid caches to enable this addon.
  • 366 - Log a Letterbox Hybrid cache on every calendar day, including leap day, to enable this addon.
  • Leapday - Log a Letterbox Hybrid cache on Leap day to enable this addon.
  • FTF - Log a First to Find on a Letterbox Hybrid cache to enable this addon.


This Badge existed in BadgeGen v3. No changes has been made in version 4, besides adding Addons.