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Top found percent is a top list available to users with a paid membership, this top list shows users ranked by the highest percent of found geocaches in an area. For this top list hidden geocaches will count as found since this would otherwise punish cache owners that have hidden a lot of geocaches. Events and archived geocaches does not count in this list.

The available filters are:

The top list show how many geocaches are in the selected area and the percentage of geocaches each user have found down to two decimals. Since only active caches are counted and hidden caches count as found 100% found caches in this list would be if a user has logged all active caches that they do not own in the area.

It is technically possible to get over 100% in this top list, this would be if a user have logged a cache in the area and later adopts the same cache. The cache would then be counted twice since it would be both a found and an owned cache. This is due to performance reasons, the tool Find Bad Logs can be used to find caches that would be counted twice in this top list.