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Trackables (commonly travel bugs or TBs) are physical geocaching game pieces that geocachers move from geocache to geocache. Most trackables want to travel and often have a goal. An other common kind of trackable are Geocoins, they are usually more expensive collectors items than the standard travel bugs. A tracking code can be attached to anything, common items are T-shirts, name tags, cars and even people.

Trackables can be logged in the following ways:

  • Discover It - The user saw the trackable.
  • Retrieve From Cache - The user took the trackable from a cache.
  • Grab From Somewhere Else - The user took the trackable from somewhere other than where it was listed.
  • Visited Cache -The user took the trackable to, but did not leave it in this cache.
  • Dropped Off In Cache - The user left the trackable in the cache.

Related tools

Discover Trackables is a tool that lets the user discover trackables in bulk.

TB Rescue is a tool to help owners of trackables get their trackables moved.

Related statistics

Top Discovered Trackables is a top list of who has discovered the most trackables.

The Trackable Lover is one of the badges in BadgeGen.