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D/T History is in beta. D/T History is a tool where users with a paid membership can find out if any of the caches found by a specific user have had their D/T rating changed during the time Project-GC tracked these changes. Project-GC tracked the changes of D/T ratings between October 2015 and November 2017 and then started again in October 2018 and have been tracking the changes since.

Project-GC can not detect the update of a D/T rating in real-time, the dates in the table is from when Project-GC detected the change, not from when the actual change occurred.

This tool uses Profile name only and the results start with information about how many unique geocaches the user have found which has changed their D/T ratings. The table shows cache type, date of the found, GCcode, name of the cache and current and previous D/T-ratings. The boxes for each D/T rating has the date of when the change was detected and the box for the D/T the cache had when the user logged it is tinted green.