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Discover Trackables is a tool that helps a user discover many trackables at once. The idea is that after an event where the user has composed a long list of Trackable IDs they can use the tool to discover all the trackables with the same log and the same date. Caution should be exercised since there is no way to delete the logs in bulk. The user can choose the date of the discover. The tool can handle up to 1000 trackable IDs at once, the IDs can be separated by new line, space, semi colon, comma or the pipe character.

All discovers are made using the Geocaching LIVE api. The use of the tool must be in compliance with rules set by Geocaching HQ. For example, using this tool to log lists of trackables where the trackable owner has disagreed to be included could lead to removed access to this tool.

The queue position can increase or decrease based on different factors. For example users with a paid membership are prioritized, therefore users that does not have a paid membership might find their queue position increasing at times. There is also a rate-limit of max discovers per minute in the API. Once a user hits that, all affected jobs are postponed by a minute, which could again change the position.

There is also a tab labeled History, in this tab the user can view their earlier discovered batches, including number of discovered trackables, number of errors on the list, the log text and the timestamp of the discovery.

Users with a paid membership have higher priority in this tool and will get their discovers done before others.