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The D/T Matrix is a map tool that helps the user find caches that can be used to fill their D/T grid. The different filters can be applied are:

The output of the tool consists of two parts. The top part is the users current D/T grid with information about how many unique D/T combinations the user is missing. The grid is marked with green, blue, yellow and red squares, next to it is the legend that explains the meaning of each color.

Below the current matrix the Suggestions is found, this part starts with information about how many caches where found with the current filters and how many of them are unique D/T combinations. Below that information all the suggested caches are plotted on a map with the normal map features.

Related paid membership features

Some of the filters are only available for users with a paid membership, for this tool there is a special D/T type/size-filter that lets the user filter for caches filling their D/T grid with specific types of sizes only. The normal filters only filters the caches in the output and not for the already completed slots of the D/T matrix.