The Diverse Cacher

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The Diverse Cacher
General data
Name The Diverse Cacher
Bronze 3
Silver 4
Gold 6
Platinum 7
Ruby 8
Sapphire 9
Emerald 10
Diamond 11
Addons available

The Diverse Cacher


Log geocaches with different cache types during the same day to work on this badge.


It is not possible to get any loops on this badge. Since there are not enough geocache types to double up Diamond, that would not be a solution. Project-GC could however add loops if the Diamond task was fulfilled multiple times, however, Project-GC believe that once is enough.



  • Leapday - By logging the amount of unique Geocache types required for Diamond on a single leap day, the user will earn this addon.


This Badge existed in BadgeGen v3.

With the release of v4 in early 2020 the requirements were increased. Diamond was increased from 10 to 12. Two or three weeks later the requirements was decreased to something in between the two variants, lowering the Diamond requirement to 11. The increase is based on several facts like:

  • New Virtuals are published now and then.
  • Lab caches are getting more and more common.
  • Giga-events did not exist when the v3 badge was balanced. Also, they are a lot more common now.
  • GPS Maze is a regular thing, even more than one per year sometimes.
  • Lost and Found is coming back, even though it is only every 10th year.