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ARCHIVE Checker requests (impossible)

Moderators will move threads from "Checker requests" into this forum after a while when it has been decided that the challenge checker isn't possible for one or another reason. The threads should not be moved right away. The challenge owner should have a chance to adjust his requirements if that helps. 
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[Cancelled] Checkers (Safareig, Lavoir, Lavadero, Lavadouro) 100

by petitsllops
21 3 09/17/2020 09:34AM
Last Post by petitsllops

[Cancelled] Checker for GC9019N

23 3 09/16/2020 10:57AM

[Cancelled] Checker For GC9019N

19 3 09/16/2020 10:56AM

[Cancelled] GC8ZZJT - 6 Types Found in Italy in a Single Day Challenge

by Sagmoe
19 3 09/13/2020 11:31PM
Last Post by Sagmoe

[Cancelled] Checker for GC8ZMD6

by Orange Crew
39 3 09/08/2020 09:00PM
Last Post by Orange Crew

[Cancelled] Checker for GC8ZMDB

by Orange Crew
31 3 09/08/2020 08:56PM
Last Post by Orange Crew

[Cancelled] Checker for GC8ZMDC

by Orange Crew
27 4 09/08/2020 11:48AM
Last Post by Orange Crew

[Cancelled] GC8ZK5W: 12 Webcamcaches in one day

by SunSetSky
32 3 09/07/2020 10:51PM
Last Post by SunSetSky

[Cancelled] GC7595K attribute spelling checker.

by Ky Devas
164 7 09/05/2020 09:37AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] GC8Z9W4

by Lulybelle
26 2 09/05/2020 12:46AM
Last Post by Lulybelle

[Cancelled] Checker Error GC3R8C3

by DrPflug
41 3 09/02/2020 04:49PM
Last Post by DrPflug

[Cancelled] Remove Challenge Checker

by PhMJ
95 4 08/31/2020 03:49AM
Last Post by RBMAN

[Cancelled] Challenge checker: Balanced D/T-matrix GC8Z567

by Killakul
53 3 08/30/2020 05:52PM
Last Post by Killakul

[Cancelled] GC8Z0K8 Vowel or Consonant Souvenir Challenge

by Bazonka
99 5 08/29/2020 02:40PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Checker

by GummibärenBK
56 3 08/29/2020 08:16AM
Last Post by GummibärenBK

[Cancelled] Checker

by rüganer26
59 2 08/28/2020 09:40AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Checker for GC8K64F

by sunntigscacher
91 4 08/25/2020 07:07PM
Last Post by sunntigscacher

[Cancelled] GC8YQXF: logged 100 different trackables in Hong Kong.

by checker_ckm
95 4 08/24/2020 08:16AM
Last Post by pieterix

[Awaiting feedback] Requesting checker for GC8TKV0

by GeoGrillen
142 3 08/20/2020 11:55AM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Cancelled] Words Words Words - Challenge Cache GC8YGQA

by MountainManWithMojo
99 3 08/18/2020 11:10PM
Last Post by MountainManWithMojo

[Cancelled] Checker request for GC8YBZN

by KCL Adventures
97 3 08/15/2020 02:26PM
Last Post by KCL Adventures

[Cancelled] GC8Y39: 360 degree for Hong Kong

by checker_ckm
111 4 08/15/2020 01:43AM
Last Post by checker_ckm

[Cancelled] GC8Y38T: 111 caches in one country in 1 month

by checker_ckm
104 3 08/13/2020 11:19PM
Last Post by checker_ckm

[Cancelled] Februar 29

by geosven
98 6 08/13/2020 01:07PM
Last Post by geosven

[Cancelled] New Challenge based on Adventure Lab finds

by antnich
105 3 08/10/2020 06:41PM
Last Post by antnich

[Cancelled] Modification to GC4AZKG - Challenge Cache: Resuscitate! Resuscitate! (United Kingdom)

by antnich
93 4 08/10/2020 04:18PM
Last Post by pieterix

[Cancelled] GC8Y38T: one cache per district

by checker_ckm
107 5 08/10/2020 09:50AM
Last Post by checker_ckm

[Cancelled] Checker Request GC8XTG3

by grey team
88 3 08/10/2020 05:08AM
Last Post by grey team

[Cancelled] GE8WTPZ MAJB 30 finds on a date for each month challenge

by MusicAthleteJB
121 3 08/07/2020 05:26PM
Last Post by MusicAthleteJB

[Cancelled] GC9WTPE MAJB 2020 Double Digits for a Month Challenge

by MusicAthleteJB
128 3 08/07/2020 05:26PM
Last Post by MusicAthleteJB