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ARCHIVE Checker requests (completed)

Once a checker request has been fulfilled and the challenge owner (or checker requester) is satisfied the thread should be moved here by a moderator. Please allow some time before moving the thread, to allow feedback from the requester. 
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[Resolved] Checker request for GC8J9TG

by JoyChang
27 8 01/18/2020 09:58PM
Last Post by JoyChang

[Resolved] Die halbe Schweiz

by Eltitas
28 8 01/18/2020 09:19PM
Last Post by pieterix

[Resolved] Checker requested for GC8J201, Sum of 1000 D5 or T5

by exilis
29 9 01/18/2020 03:23PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Resolved] Need a checker for GC8GJYY

by Lord_Charming
12 3 01/18/2020 01:19PM
Last Post by Lord_Charming

[Resolved] Checker Requested for GC8J1ZW, 3000 Mystery Finds

by exilis
10 3 01/18/2020 12:48PM
Last Post by exilis

[Resolved] checker request https://coord.info/GC8J9CR

by Gaby22
15 5 01/18/2020 11:32AM
Last Post by Gaby22

[Resolved] Souvenirs Challenge

by Bavariashark67
12 6 01/18/2020 10:03AM
Last Post by Bavariashark67

[Resolved] Need checker for GC8J949 99 Tanks of Petrol Challenge

by Norshley
15 3 01/17/2020 10:06PM
Last Post by Norshley

[Resolved] GC8E0CC - Going Ape Checker needed

by IrisbrambleBeardface
36 8 01/17/2020 09:18PM
Last Post by Clongo_Rongo

[Resolved] GC5M1P4

by Deepdiggingmole
851 26 01/17/2020 09:07PM
Last Post by GreyHams

[Resolved] 2x Checker request, Found logs in several counties

by Tapetsocker
13 3 01/17/2020 07:14PM
Last Post by Tapetsocker

[Resolved] Checker Request for GC8D6H5

by JuergB
13 3 01/17/2020 01:54PM
Last Post by JuergB

[Resolved] GC8J8AT 20 Wherigos found in Oklahoma

by Scott&Brandi
6 3 01/17/2020 03:34AM
Last Post by Scott&Brandi

[Resolved] GC8J8AA 30 letterboxes found in Oklahoma

by Scott&Brandi
6 3 01/17/2020 03:33AM
Last Post by Scott&Brandi

[Resolved] GC8J88A 50 multi caches in Oklahoma

by Scott&Brandi
7 3 01/17/2020 03:32AM
Last Post by Scott&Brandi

[Resolved] Re: GC8FW23 Niagara Region Challenge - 500 Non Traditionals

8 3 01/16/2020 10:49PM
Last Post by NFJK

[Resolved] GC8HBAA - Deutschland Landkreis Challenge - Diamant (Germany)

by erglis
14 7 01/16/2020 09:08PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Resolved] Landeshauptstädte der 16 Bundesländer (Challenge)

by Indy'
41 6 01/16/2020 08:12PM
Last Post by Indy'

[Resolved] Landkreise Deutschland

by JaSi949
157 19 01/16/2020 04:57PM
Last Post by erglis

[Resolved] Requesting Checker for a Letterbox Fizzy (GC8J7TT)

by OrigamiFolder
11 3 01/16/2020 04:45PM
Last Post by OrigamiFolder

[Resolved] New Checker for GC8HZCV

by CacheSleuth
89 17 01/16/2020 01:24PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Awaiting feedback] Checker request for GC8GT3G: Similar to GC8BBM9

by MAXZ1309
94 4 01/16/2020 01:21PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Resolved] Need a checker for GC8HWCN

by moname23
42 5 01/16/2020 01:18PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Resolved] New checker - Norway, GC8HDME

by Y? O!
29 3 01/16/2020 01:14PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Resolved] find a minimum of 60 virtual geocaches in belgium

by xalaloje
38 3 01/16/2020 01:13PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Resolved] Checker for GC367EQ

by msweetnw
43 6 01/16/2020 01:12PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Resolved] Need a Challenge Checker for our Cache GC81KBZ

by Tine_und_Raffi
76 7 01/16/2020 12:54PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Awaiting feedback] Update challenge - GC88XB3

by verturin
131 10 01/16/2020 12:51PM
Last Post by vogelbird

[Resolved] Challenge Letterbox

by carfantin
11 3 01/16/2020 12:07PM
Last Post by carfantin

[Resolved] Challenge- 200 finds in Tasmania

by gridge98
4 3 01/16/2020 10:54AM
Last Post by gridge98