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Topics that don't fit elsewhere, but still are related to challenge checkers. 
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Usefull tools implemented as checkers

by Target.
4,132 5 11/19/2020 05:32PM
Last Post by Pleu

Change name of a checker

by MoinMoin01
89 3 09/19/2021 02:08PM
Last Post by MoinMoin01

Is that possible to create ? 5 capitals of european countries

by ru.beus
108 5 09/08/2021 01:44PM
Last Post by ru.beus

Suddenly I have no caches in Lyon County, NV

by GoldenStateBoy
163 11 09/03/2021 11:36PM
Last Post by GoldenStateBoy

Attribute Challenges

by Paintballvet18
141 3 08/18/2021 10:11AM
Last Post by sloth96

Updates on GC:Challenges-Guidelines

by Fuzzy2000 &CacheMami
176 1 07/27/2021 05:48PM
Last Post by Fuzzy2000 &CacheMami

Run checker locally on my computer

by Grümscheler
194 9 07/26/2021 01:26PM
Last Post by Pleu

missing challenge (and checker)

by Stschoty
118 4 07/15/2021 02:51PM
Last Post by Stschoty

Helpful tool for searching through My Finds

by mellow_cello
192 1 07/10/2021 05:39PM
Last Post by mellow_cello

Checker gives wrong result

by Alferic
128 2 07/03/2021 12:00PM
Last Post by Alferic

Checker ignores one find GC5J5DP

by Carstimator
127 4 07/02/2021 08:16PM
Last Post by vogelbird

Golden State DeLorme Challenge

by rragan
185 1 06/26/2021 01:51AM
Last Post by rragan

PG difficulty rating

by remman
231 7 06/19/2021 02:16PM
Last Post by remman

Earth Cache Classification

by Alferic
241 2 06/13/2021 10:26AM
Last Post by vogelbird

Found Geocaches for other users for scripters and taggers

by sloth96
206 1 06/09/2021 12:46AM
Last Post by sloth96

Challenge difficulty

by Alferic
242 5 06/09/2021 12:33AM
Last Post by sloth96

Checker: Multicaches in one day

by elephantemg83
222 5 06/04/2021 06:09PM
Last Post by elephantemg83

Non-challenge caches listed as challenges on project-gc

by Vinceo
248 8 05/27/2021 10:22AM
Last Post by Pleu

Checker throwing an error

by rragan
214 2 05/22/2021 01:51AM
Last Post by Pleu

Tiwi Islands Polygon

by GreyHams
276 4 05/21/2021 08:52PM
Last Post by magma1447

Checker GC99N4P désactivé

by LysPaul41
234 2 05/12/2021 09:50AM
Last Post by vogelbird

Calendar of attributes

by rragan
290 4 05/07/2021 01:31PM
Last Post by rragan

2009 Challenge ?

by vj24
310 2 05/01/2021 07:26PM
Last Post by vogelbird

Checker. Crashing

by rragan
287 2 04/03/2021 10:54AM
Last Post by vogelbird

Distance checker

by rragan
339 3 03/29/2021 06:45PM
Last Post by Pleu

Elevation data wrong in Greenland

by rragan
315 2 03/17/2021 08:39PM
Last Post by smellfooth

checker for GC80QHC doesn't work anymore

by sic86
591 4 03/13/2021 09:22AM
Last Post by sic86

Wrong configuration in checker for GC4F49E

by clappy
354 2 02/23/2021 10:30AM
Last Post by vogelbird

Why don't I qualify for GC8ZZPA any more?

by sapien
454 4 02/19/2021 09:54AM
Last Post by sapien

Same X Different Y checker broken

by jajakeiz
422 4 02/11/2021 04:26PM
Last Post by vogelbird

Untag checker from GC95VGG

by BigChiefS4
439 4 02/03/2021 01:55PM
Last Post by vogelbird