Re: new checker : adaptation of GC5J307

[Cancelled] new checker : adaptation of GC5J307
August 27, 2021 11:07PM
The checker of GC5J307 is available for a specfic departement of France : "Loiret"

Is it possible to adapt this checker for an other french departement "Loire Atlantique" ?

If yes, wich information do you need (name of the departement, the number of the departement, coordinates ) ?

Thanks before hands,

Re: new checker : adaptation of GC5J307
August 28, 2021 06:07AM
We need the gc-code of the new cache and the description of what the checker has to check.

I think this is the description:
Find a cache in each one of 31 divisions in the county of "Loire Atlantique" (Region "Pays de la Loire") , France

But divisions are not available in project-gc checker system. And I'm not sure if your reviewer will allow to ask for divisions. Guidelines accepts only county as smallest area.

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Re: new checker : adaptation of GC5J307
September 06, 2021 10:44PM
thanks for your feedback.
the divisions of this challenge are to small then it is not necessary to develop a checker.
Thanks for your time.
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