Re: Checker Modification Request

[Cancelled] Checker Modification Request
September 17, 2021 10:40PM
Hi There.
I believe i have read enough to know this request is ok.
There is a coded checker that already exists that I would like to have modified for a Challenge Cache.

What I am hoping to modify is 1. It be changed to 10 Icons as apposed to 5. 2. Can we add Adventure Lab Cache as one of the icons, and finally 3. Does Community Celebration Event count as one of the events in the code and if not, could it also be added.

Thank you In advance.
Re: Checker Modification Request
September 18, 2021 06:17PM is published prior to April 21, 2015 and a legacy cache in the game.

A challenge cache based a limited time is not allowed

Please read 2.12.9. Time-Limited of the guidelines
Re: Checker Modification Request
September 18, 2021 07:23PM

Specifying any element of a cache page (type, rating, etc.) or find count (above one per day) required during a streak.

I see that now under Not Acceptable. Too hard for people i guess. Only reason I came up with this challenge cache is because i'm doing this tomorrow and thought it would be neat.
All well.

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