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[Resolved] GC38WBY - Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400 - Checker Request

[Resolved] GC38WBY - Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400 - Checker Request
February 15, 2020 07:19PM

Hi, I adopted this challenge and it is granfathered.

I'm not sure if this is possible yet to be able to check logs to see a cachers logs compared to the previous log or if that hasn't been implemented yet? If it has, the rules are noted on the cache page, and listed here as well:


1. You must achieve 400 points to log a find for the Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400
2. Geocaches must be located within 400 miles of the posted coordinates
3. Only geocaches found on or after the publish date of this geocache will be considered towards the point total. You may NOT refind a cache that you found previously
4. In your found it log for this cache, you must post links to your found it logs on point earning geocaches
5. Geocaches that were archived after your find still count towards your points total. In other words, a qualifying cache must be active when you find it
6. You may only log a find for this geocache once, BUT you may continue to earn points on the leaderboard
7. First to Finds only count based on the date published by the reviewer, not the date hidden by the Cache Owner
8. Only active cache types with a physical container count (no virtuals or earthcaches)
9. Geocaches that you own do not count towards the points total unless you logged a find for it prior to adopting it
10. Team finds: If there are 3 of you logging a resuscitation find, all 3 of you earn the total points for the cache. You do not split the points up amongst the 3 of you. So, if you find a cache worth 300 points as a team, you each get 300 points. You do NOT split it up and give each member 100 points

Earning Points:

Points can be earned for logging a find for a geocache that has not been logged as a find for a certain duration of time.

Points Time since last find
20 6 months
50 1 year
100 2 years
200 3 years
300 4 years
350 5+ years

50 bonus points can be added to each find for any of the following. (They can add up, so if you find a 5/5, that's 100 bonus points)

Points Bonus Reason
50 2 or more DNFs directly before your log (they can't be intermixed with finds)
50 5 star difficulty
50 5 star terrain

Would be great to get an output they can paste into their log on the cache so that it makes it easier for me to update the leaderboard, and they are in the same format.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Re: GC38WBY - Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400 - Checker Request
February 17, 2020 01:16PM
I have sent a message to peterix to answer your request
Re: GC38WBY - Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400 - Checker Request
February 27, 2020 01:40AM
Great, thank you!
Re: GC38WBY - Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400 - Checker Request
February 28, 2020 06:03AM
As a local-to-HyperactiveGirl cacher who's gone after this very cache (found it almost a year ago, on 3/25/2019 - https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=b05684ad-07de-461a-9738-847e2fd8fd3f), I can attest that a checker would be sorely welcome. Figuring the intervals out manually, especially if you don't recall the names of the caches you found that were lonely, is a bear.

Also, not everyone uses GSAK, so a GSAK macro wouldn't really be enough. I had GSAK working for a brief while on my MacBook; now I can't even get it to log me in and grab my updates :( Might be a Mac thing.

So - if you can get a checker for this one working, it would be much appreciated. In advance (hoping!), thank you VERY much from me as well.

Re: GC38WBY - Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400 - Checker Request
March 04, 2020 09:02PM
Here's a checker for you:


I hope I've catered for all the conditions and restrictions. Please test and let us know if it's suitable. PS: the checker system has no access to DNF logs so that portion is not supported.
Re: GC38WBY - Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400 - Checker Request
March 22, 2020 09:04PM
Thank you so much for working on this!

I tested my own out and they look good. I also tested a few new posts that used the checker and those look great too.

One I did see an issue with is that folks were logging finds on a cache that was previously archived. For example: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2RZPH the points were claimed in the checker, but the find was made 5 years after it was archived. I would prefer people to not be able to claim points on caches that are archived in keeping with the original rules. Let me know if that can be determined in the checker and adjusted or if its like the DNF where it's not possible to check? Basically, if the log is after the archive date, no points.(I also worry about this encouraging people to go find archived caches which may have been archived for purposes of trespassing or the owner of the land no longer wanting people there for example). This is another one: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC1X8AE

The rest all looks really good.

Maybe I should take off the DNF bonus out for the future on the cache listing, so that the checker can be used without people having to manually update that? Since that's not supported? Or do you think I should just leave it in, and they just have to add points for those manually? I would have to grandfather existing people, and that would mess with the leaderboard. So maybe I just leave it in and they have to add manually? A delimma. Thoughts?
Re: GC38WBY - Resuscitation Challenge: 400/400 - Checker Request
March 23, 2020 10:55AM
I've modified the script to exclude finds before hidden date and after archive date, so this should hopefully resolve your concerns about people going for archived off-limits caches?

As to your DNF points, I would suggest talking to fellow cachers in the area? If it was my call, I would remove the DNF points, eg. experienced cacher finds it, long time passes, newbie comes around and don't find it since they're new and not aware of all the hiding methods, another cacher comes around and makes a quick find and get bonus points for the newbie DNF?
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