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[Awaiting feedback] Challenge checker for new cache GC8V4B3, Finland - Päijäthäme municipalities


I need challenge checker for new cache GC8V4B3

Basically it is same as cache https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC8AEEJ already has, but with different municipalities that are located at other county in Finland, "Päijät-Häme".

*Must have at least one found cache from each of the following municipalities: Asikkala (id: 016), Hartola (id: 081), Heinola (id: 111), Hollola (id: 098), Iitti (id: 142), Kärkölä (id: 316), Lahti (id: 398), Orimattila (id: 560), Padasjoki (id: 576), Sysmä (id: 781)
*Accepted cache types are: Traditional, Multi, Unknown, Letterbox Hybrid, Wherigo, Earth and Virtual
*Must have one cache of five different difficulty levels: 1, (1.5 or 2), (2.5 or 3), (3.5 or 4) and (4.5 or 5).
*Must have one cache of five different terrain levels: 1, (1,5 or 2), (2,5 or 3), (3,5 or 4) and (4,5 or 5).
*Five caches of different difficulty and terrain classes must be from all different municipalities, so geocacher can only use one cache per municipality for the challenge.
The original script had a note saying "Only works with small number of counties... due to memory usage"

If I make this script with minimum 9, it works with you, though does take 28 seconds to run!... but not with 10. So, 9 is the maximum.

I have left all of the 10 counties to check in, with the limit of you need caches in 9 of them, while fulfilling the DT requirements. Let me know if you are happy with this or if you want other changes

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