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Updated geocache names

Updated geocache names
May 16, 2016 03:13PM
I tagged Target's "Generic simple number checker func" script for GC4J9R1.


The checker was disabled because the original cache name had 3 L's in the word "Challenge" and did not technically qualify as a Challenge Cache because it did not specifically say "Challenge" in the cache's name.

I emailed the cache owner to suggest fixing the typo - which was done.

Now, even though the name has been changed, the original title remains in the checker's title. I even tried creating a brand new tag using Target's Advanced version of the same script, but the triple-L name remains.

I am not too concerned about the tag itself. The challenge is simple enough and so is the tag.

My concern is the inability to update/refresh the title once it is in the system.
Re: Updated geocache names
May 16, 2016 04:16PM
The problem is not the tag. The name is taken on the fly from pgc database.
The problem is that pgc had not detected the name change. Use support/self support/refresh on the gc code. That will detect the name change and name in the checker will be correct after a while. TFTC
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