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Reset stas bars to zero

Reset stas bars to zero
February 19, 2020 07:10AM
I have recently had checkers created for three new Challenge Caches I'm creating.

When I use the LINK button on the right of the screen for the HTML to show the Checker on the cache page, the example #3 (recommended) shows 5 positive checks and 34 negative checks.

How do I reset these stats to zero for my own cache please?

I cannot see that this topic has been covered elsewhere.

Many thanks.
Re: Reset stas bars to zero
February 19, 2020 03:42PM
Not possible, unfortunately.
Re: Reset stas bars to zero
February 20, 2020 07:54AM
Hmm. I'm not sure I've made myself clear.

When a new Challenge cache is published (with a checker of course) the green and red stat bars on the checker image link show zero and zero, and these count up in line with what checks are made.

The only link download I can find is the sixth option under the USE CHECKER link on the right hand side of the Challenge Checkers page, but this downloads a link already populated with erroneous stats.

So if it's not possible to reset stats to zero within that link, where do I download an HTML link for a checker image which is already set at zero zero?

There must be one somewhere but I cannot find it!
Re: Reset stas bars to zero
February 20, 2020 09:54PM
When a checker is first created, the stats are 0 and 0. Then the checker is tested by the tagger, owner and reviewer. The stats from these tests are what would be visible when the challenge is published.
Re: Reset stas bars to zero
February 21, 2020 02:37PM
Okay, thanks for that.
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