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caches tagged without owner permission

caches tagged without owner permission
October 03, 2016 08:15PM
I have just discovered two of my caches have been tagged without my permission - one gives an output which is not the information I ask for and the other already has a checker. How can I remove these?
I am more than happy for somebody to contact me if they think they can write a checker for one of my caches and i can make sure it is correct but I am very upset at not being consulted and having them added to my caches without the decency to at least speak to the CO about it.
Re: caches tagged without owner permission
October 03, 2016 08:48PM
The only one that can remove them is the one that tagged the. See the checker. If you dont get any response contact the script author. It would have been easier if you had included the gc codes in the post.

Why is permission form the CO needed to tag the challenge?
Nothing is changed on you cache and the test are only done on public data.

I would guss that checkers have been added without the COs knowledge. Most scripts are not written for a single challenge but are generic. I have some with 1400+ caches on them.

To logg the challenge with correct information is something the cacher should check is correct regardless it there is a checker. Explicitly if it is not linked from the cache lising
Re: caches tagged without owner permission
October 03, 2016 09:21PM
The fist one has now been removed by the cacher that tagged it (this one gave an incorrect output) and was not correct for the description of the cache - I didn't know it was added to my cache until I had a log and the cacher said they had run the checker but it gave incorrect info.

The second one is GC59QRJ - (200 scenic caches) and I already have a checker on the page and somebody has added a second one with an output which lists every cache (as some cachers qualify with 1000's this would make an output of a ridiculous length).and is not needed anyway.

The reason a CO should be asked is just in my opinion common decency really - I would have thought it would be polite to inform them a checker is available and make sure they are happy with the output and that it is correct for their caches before it is added.
Re: caches tagged without owner permission
October 04, 2016 12:25AM
I like to make a comment on this. When I started tagging checkers, I used to sent the CO' s a notification but after sending out a lot of emails and almost no responce I stoppen doing this. We made about 14000 unique checkers before the new guidelines. Some of them faulty but if an owner detected this we always reacted as quick as posible to alter the checker. I always received a positive reaction on all the hard work put in. I am disappointed in your negative approach.
You have checkers on your challenges for more than a year and a cacher or owner could have sent a warming to the tagger . Do not forget that all the work and time is voluntary and I hope that you will keep this in mind.
Re: caches tagged without owner permission
October 04, 2016 05:17AM
Sorry I didn't mean to sound negative and I very much appreciate the work done by the checker writers - it is just I had never come across this before and even didn't know it could happen.

All my other checkers gave been added by me to the caches when I have asked for them to be written and had dialog with the writer about the content and this came as rather a surprise that they could be tagged without me knowing. I have checkers on complicated challenges like up the 13 steps and I have used checkers on my caches a long time before the rules changed and some took weeks to write with emails back and forth tweeking them ( but this was before the rules changed)

Thank you to all the volunteers for writing the checkers I am very Grateful fur the work you do and was just didn't know how to remove them myself and my post may have unintentionally sounded a little abrupt-
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