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The following are features and what version that they first appeared. All functions of the script can be turned on or off individually. RETURN to Project-GC Userscript Main Page

Feature Version Requires Project-GC subscription
Add to Virtual GPS straight from v___
Add challenge checkers to automatically v___
Make copy friendly GC-Code and geocache page link. v___ X
Add link to the Project-GC Live map from geocache pages. v___ X
Duplicate latest logs to the top. v___ X
Add Project-GC location. (Regions and counties) v___
Add a reverse geocoded address below the coordinates of a geocache. v___ X
Remove the UTM coordinates. v___ X
Add favorite point data from Project-GC. (For example Wilson score.) v___
Showing weekday of the placed date. v___ X
Add links to Profile stats after every geocachers name v___
Tidy up a bit. Most focus has been on the geocache page. v___ ?
Collapse download links. v___ X
Add links to Project-GC gallery where suitable. v___ *
Add links to map bookmark lists. v___ X
Automatically decrypt hints. v___
Add elevation data after geocache coordinates. (Option to use imperial units available.) v___
Remove disclaimer from geocache pages. v___ X
Parse Exif location from pictures. v___ ?
Add found logs per country according to Project-GC. v___
Open Compose log entries in drafts in the same window. v___ ?
Change the font of the personal cache note to monospaced (all characters have equal width). v___ ?
Adds links to the tabs of the logbook-feature. (For example "show all logs from friends") v___ X
Add the number of logs from the user above the log button. v___ ?
Hide map from printed cache page. v___ ?
Add icons for cached challenge checker results. v___ ?
Hide log upvote buttons and sorting options. v___
Requires paid membership
X Does not require paid membership
* More functionality with paid membership
? Not tested