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The Job queue can be accessed via the hourglass-icon in the menu or via the profile name-section in the top right corner. The job queue is a list that shows the status of background jobs the user has ordered and, when relevant, the place to download the result from them.

Background jobs could be creation of GPX-files in the Virtual GPS or refreshing of geocaches in the self-support system. The page consists of a list of old jobs. They are listed with creation timestamp and name of job, and if the job includes a download there is an icon to download the result. Current jobs appear at the top of the list with a spinning circle to show that the job is currently in progress.

Below the list are buttons to remove old jobs, either by removing jobs older than 30 days or by removing the jobs selected. There is a setting for automatically removing jobs that are older than 90 days.

My Finds GPXs

Below the list of other jobs is the section for the "My finds GPXs", if a user opts in for the setting "Automatically build My Finds GPX files" in their User Settings the GPX-files will appear here. A full GPX file will be built weekly and an incremental version will be built daily. The "My finds GPX file" includes all geocaches that the user have any log type on.