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Re: Cache in each of Florida's 67 counties, GC6MMYJ

Cache in each of Florida's 67 counties, GC6MMYJ
June 30, 2016 07:42PM
I would like to establish a challenge for cachers to find a cache in each county in Florida. I met this challenge back in 2010. Checker should provide the date of find, GC#, Cache Name, and County location.

Below is my results using GC6K6XX checker:

[PWCinPC](https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?u=PWCinPC) has used [Project-GC](http://project-gc.com/Challenges/GC6K6XX/21239 "Project-GC Challenge Checker") to see if he/she qualified for this challenge and he/she did.

I have found required number of caches (1) in each of 67 counties (required number of counties: 67).Finds in required counties are listed here:

**Hernando County (FL)** [Sunny (GC10X8G)](http://coord.info/GC10X8G) | 2010-09-15
**Clay County (FL)** [Horseshoes and Hand Grenades (GC14Y8V)](http://coord.info/GC14Y8V) | 2007-12-14
**Lafayette County (FL)** [Chillin' @ The DG (GC111DN)](http://coord.info/GC111DN) | 2008-03-22
**Orange County (FL)** [Museum of The Apopkans (GC9CA0)](http://coord.info/GC9CA0) | 2008-05-23
**Jackson County (FL)** [WH (GC4B3T5)](http://coord.info/GC4B3T5) | 2013-07-06
**Liberty County (FL)** [Somewhere Between Eastern and Central (GC1P0M8)](http://coord.info/GC1P0M8) | 2009-06-13
**Flagler County (FL)** [BWV 002 (GCWBZM)](http://coord.info/GCWBZM) | 2008-05-20
**St. Lucie County (FL)** [C Beam (GC1CQF5)](http://coord.info/GC1CQF5) | 2010-09-15
**Palm Beach County (FL)** [Stopping at the LowesT (GC2EX2E)](http://coord.info/GC2EX2E) | 2010-09-30
**Okaloosa County (FL)** [Karick North (GCYFME)](http://coord.info/GCYFME) | 2007-07-22
**Union County (FL)** [Lake Butler Troll (GCQKFT)](http://coord.info/GCQKFT) | 2007-12-15
**Suwannee County (FL)** [Going to Woodstock:Lake City (GCVVJF)](http://coord.info/GCVVJF) | 2007-03-27
**Walton County (FL)** [Mossy Head Park (GC20G79)](http://coord.info/GC20G79) | 2012-02-29
**Columbia County (FL)** [Trail of Tears - Stretch (GC175PE)](http://coord.info/GC175PE) | 2007-11-10
**Jefferson County (FL)** [Johnny Donut Seed (GC1B6VB)](http://coord.info/GC1B6VB) | 2008-08-15
**Putnam County (FL)** [ONF Short Tour - Blueberry or Gallberry? (GC18R1K)](http://coord.info/GC18R1K) | 2008-03-22
**Miami-Dade County (FL)** [I wanna be a major (GC1HCQJ)](http://coord.info/GC1HCQJ) | 2010-09-30
**Bay County (FL)** [Lil Pig Trail (GC13N5E)](http://coord.info/GC13N5E) | 2007-06-17
**Sumter County (FL)** [Bring Flowers (GCGDXH)](http://coord.info/GCGDXH) | 2006-12-30
**Dixie County (FL)** [Honor the Vets (GC1899J)](http://coord.info/GC1899J) | 2011-04-01
**Hamilton County (FL)** [Swift Creek Cache (GCMWNV)](http://coord.info/GCMWNV) | 2007-11-11
**DeSoto County (FL)** [Jim Space (GCM6KJ)](http://coord.info/GCM6KJ) | 2010-09-29
**Collier County (FL)** [It's Not About The Numbers, Chip :) (GC1K57T)](http://coord.info/GC1K57T) | 2010-09-29
**Franklin County (FL)** [Bugs in a Bottle (GC2KET4)](http://coord.info/GC2KET4) | 2011-02-21
**Osceola County (FL)** [Take a rest and talk to the cows (GC1JJ43)](http://coord.info/GC1JJ43) | 2010-09-30
**Gilchrist County (FL)** [Micro in a Micro Town 1 (GC2GH6M)](http://coord.info/GC2GH6M) | 2010-10-11
**Seminole County (FL)** [And So It Begins (GCM86W)](http://coord.info/GCM86W) | 2008-05-20
**Hendry County (FL)** [McCache (GC2DY2J)](http://coord.info/GC2DY2J) | 2010-09-29
**Duval County (FL)** [Cool in the Shade (GCQD63)](http://coord.info/GCQD63) | 2007-03-29
**Highlands County (FL)** [URGENT CACHE !!!!!!!! (GC21YZG)](http://coord.info/GC21YZG) | 2010-09-15
**Martin County (FL)** [Stuart Wally World Micro (GC1F8WE)](http://coord.info/GC1F8WE) | 2010-09-30
**Calhoun County (FL)** [Chipola River Park (GCRBKV)](http://coord.info/GCRBKV) | 2007-01-13
**Lake County (FL)** [Feeling Green (GC131JV)](http://coord.info/GC131JV) | 2008-05-23
**Okeechobee County (FL)** [Underwater Damage (GCD799)](http://coord.info/GCD799) | 2010-09-15
**St. Johns County (FL)** [NASCAR SERIES #7: GREG BIFFLE NO.16 (GCRRFE)](http://coord.info/GCRRFE) | 2007-12-15
**Broward County (FL)** [Denny's the Menace (GCZBCV)](http://coord.info/GCZBCV) | 2010-09-30
**Alachua County (FL)** [baker's dozen and two coffees (GC17YXA)](http://coord.info/GC17YXA) | 2008-10-22
**Washington County (FL)** [Valley View (GC17RAE)](http://coord.info/GC17RAE) | 2007-12-09
**Levy County (FL)** [AMTG #13 (GC1XZET)](http://coord.info/GC1XZET) | 2010-09-23
**Wakulla County (FL)** [The Real Florida (GCZWHV)](http://coord.info/GCZWHV) | 2006-12-27
**Lee County (FL)** [Flowers, Vegetables, and Fruit (GCH025)](http://coord.info/GCH025) | 2010-09-29
**Gadsden County (FL)** [...Where The Buffalo Roam... (GC19N7Q)](http://coord.info/GC19N7Q) | 2008-12-20
**Escambia County (FL)** [Good Morning, Come On In (GCTPCV)](http://coord.info/GCTPCV) | 2007-02-10
**Glades County (FL)** [Which end of the Rail 2 (GC23G68)](http://coord.info/GC23G68) | 2010-09-29
**Charlotte County (FL)** [Punta Gorda Travel Bug Hotel (GC1Q0DQ)](http://coord.info/GC1Q0DQ) | 2010-09-29
**Nassau County (FL)** [Welcome to The SUNSHINE STATE (GC32FCQ)](http://coord.info/GC32FCQ) | 2011-11-13
**Marion County (FL)** [Trail of Tears - Don't Pine (GC15MNE)](http://coord.info/GC15MNE) | 2007-12-16
**Sarasota County (FL)** [Guarding the Twins (GC1XVN7)](http://coord.info/GC1XVN7) | 2010-09-29
**Pinellas County (FL)** [GO RAYS!!! 9=8 (GC1HFBX)](http://coord.info/GC1HFBX) | 2010-07-06
**Bradford County (FL)** [Here Piggy, Piggy!! (GC12N8P)](http://coord.info/GC12N8P) | 2010-04-16
**Manatee County (FL)** [Rye Preserve Left (GC28HXK)](http://coord.info/GC28HXK) | 2010-09-29
**Hillsborough County (FL)** [MicroInvasion 164 - Fill the Cup (GC285FR)](http://coord.info/GC285FR) | 2011-07-16
**Monroe County (FL)** [Decompress (GC1TQCF)](http://coord.info/GC1TQCF) | 2010-09-30
**Pasco County (FL)** [Slope (GC23RX6)](http://coord.info/GC23RX6) | 2011-04-06
**Hardee County (FL)** [Not the Blue Danube (GC19ENB)](http://coord.info/GC19ENB) | 2010-09-29
**Polk County (FL)** [Project 365 #364 - Posner BBE (GC382V5)](http://coord.info/GC382V5) | 2013-05-20
**Baker County (FL)** [Ode to Ice Cream Man (GC19AE3)](http://coord.info/GC19AE3) | 2008-10-25
**Brevard County (FL)** [SCGT - A Cool Cache ** (GC15RQB)](http://coord.info/GC15RQB) | 2010-09-15
**Indian River County (FL)** [Snipe Hunter's Travelbug Lodge & McToy Exchange (GC23G0G)](http://coord.info/GC23G0G) | 2010-09-15
**Santa Rosa County (FL)** [Blazing New Trails (GC1KE84)](http://coord.info/GC1KE84) | 2010-12-07
**Citrus County (FL)** [JC21, 1 JOHN 1:9-10 (GC2KAQG)](http://coord.info/GC2KAQG) | 2011-04-03
**Volusia County (FL)** [Busy Day in Florida (GC1R1VW)](http://coord.info/GC1R1VW) | 2010-04-18
**Holmes County (FL)** [Blue Pig in a Stump (GC25079)](http://coord.info/GC25079) | 2011-02-01
**Gulf County (FL)** [The Buck Stops Here (GC1MMH1)](http://coord.info/GC1MMH1) | 2009-02-23
**Leon County (FL)** [Club Publix (GCXHH6)](http://coord.info/GCXHH6) | 2007-01-13
**Madison County (FL)** [Off Spring (GC14BYV)](http://coord.info/GC14BYV) | 2007-11-09
**Taylor County (FL)** [The Hamptons (GC11C1Y)](http://coord.info/GC11C1Y) | 2008-05-20
Re: Cache in each of Florida's 67 counties, GC6MMYJ
June 30, 2016 08:00PM
This is a double request , this thread will be cancelled.
The checker is submitted in http://project-gc.com/forum/read?8,1957,1957#msg-1957
Re: Cache in each of Florida's 67 counties, GC6MMYJ
June 30, 2016 08:11PM
I was trying to cancel the other request for 50 Reviewers and submit this one for Florida counties. Can I get one of them completed?

Re: Cache in each of Florida's 67 counties, GC6MMYJ
June 30, 2016 08:16PM
Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum.

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