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[Resolved] iceland

[Resolved] iceland
May 30, 2020 07:23PM
sorry to bother you

i am building a new challenge cache and i think i can fly in June,

can you tell me the cache that will help me - the oldest in Iceland - so i can set the checker

Re: iceland
May 30, 2020 07:41PM
Here are the 10 oldest active caches
1 GC7AD7 2002-08-05 Karin Near Kistufell
2 GC86D8 2002-08-21 Dimmuborgir
3 GCF726 2003-04-08 Sudernes
4 GCGEHD 2003-07-11 Skagafjord
5 GCGGD4 2003-07-21 Lava-Fall
6 GCJ7E9 2004-04-17 To Your Good Elf
7 GCJYJC 2004-07-09 Arctic Heaven
8 GCJZQB 2004-07-13 Sólfar
9 GCK6TT 2004-08-02 Domjan's Cache 01
10 GCK8ED 2004-08-11 Perlan (The Pearl)

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Re: iceland
May 30, 2020 08:25PM

for my challenge to find 10 oldest caches in countries is this i need to find this one -

1 GC7AD7 2002-08-05 Karin Near Kistufell

my challenge will be find the oldest caches in 10 countries m- i have 6, need to be sure which cache i need to find
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