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Search contains search links within geocaching and some different search methods. The searches are divided into the two tabs "Quick links" and "Advanced Search".

Quick links

This category consists of a number of quick links for different kinds of searches. These are listed below.

GC Code

  • Cache to visit cache page
  • Log visit to visit log page

Keyword search

Profile name

Quicklinks to search for a user's:

  • Project-GC Profile Stats
  • Profile page
  • Found caches with's old search
  • Hidden caches with's old search
  • Send E-mail to the user via


  • A trackables main page


Input of coordinates to:

  • Convert coordinates using
  • Search all geocaches using's old search
  • Map using the old browser map at

Wildcard search

The wildcard search has multiple fields available which can be referenced. The wildcard search uses extended query syntax.

The fields available are:

Either search by complete words or add an asterix (*) in the start and/or end as a wildcard. To search a specific field @ can be used. For example "@county Uppsala" could be used to avoid getting hits from the region with the same name.

Advanced search

Advanced search is currently in beta. It is a paid membership feature. Advanced search lets the user search multiple fields at once and even lets the user search for words in the cache description or logs of caches.

The fields that can be searched with the advanced search are:

  • GC Code
  • Cache name
  • Cache owner
  • Location (Country/Region/County)
  • Cache description
  • Has log text

The fields can be searched with an extended search, exact search, that the field contains, start with or ends with the information put in the field.

There are also options to exclude/include or only search for cahes that are:

  • Disabled
  • Archived
  • Locked