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The D/T grid is also known as the 'Fizzy grid'[1] and it is a matrix with all the 81 possible D/T-combinations a geocache can have.

Related statistics

Top #DT in one day is a top list for unique DT combinations in one day.

Top DT Loopers is a top list for number of loops of the D/T grid.

The Profile Stats contains multiple D/T-related statistics like the Difficutly / Terrain chart and Way to 81 in the Finds tab and the D/T grids in the FTF tab, Hides tab and Challenges tab.

Related tools

The D/T Matrix Tool‏‎ helps you plot a map of all geocaches that will fill an empty slot in you D/T grid.

The D/T History tool can help users with a paid membership find some caches that have had their D/T-rating changed.


  1. Due to the original Fizzy challenge, a challenge to fill your D/T grid in honor of the user FizzyMagic.