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Re: New Checker Request - GC86KRG

[Cancelled] Re: New Checker Request - GC86KRG
May 30, 2019 09:29AM
I have a Goonies-themed series of 4 caches... Letterbox, traditional and a multi with codes inside to the final mystery cache one eyed Willie final bonus cache,,, the checker I have isn't as good as the ones here so if this wud be possible I'd very much appreciate it thanks... JCACHE
Re: New Checker Request - GC86KRG
May 30, 2019 10:12AM
Hi, please create a new thread, with your GC code(s) and specific requirements, then we can create your checkers for your hides
Re: New Checker Request - GC86KRG
May 30, 2019 11:11AM
This is the challenge checker forum. By the sounds of things you only want a bonus cache checker, which is not allowed as a challenge checker since it'll be a fixed list of caches which is against rule 11 of the challenge cache guidelines. If I misunderstood your request, please clarify what your exact requirements are.
Re: New Checker Request - GC86KRG
June 19, 2019 06:23AM
ok i think i understand . so how do i get a checker for my mystery cache so they kno they have the right solved numbers for the coords?? the gccode is same one on request GC86KRG ITS A 3 cache leading to the mystery the 4th and final one ..sorry im not great at this yet and any help or wisdom is greatly appreciated
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