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Usefull tools implemented as checkers

Usefull tools implemented as checkers
May 14, 2016 02:00PM
The checker system can be used to implement tools that are not checkers.
They often have "(not a checker)" in the script name
This is a list of the one i found. Som might have been missed.

If you have a request for a new tool or you have create one etc please post it in the following thread http://project-gc.com/forum/read?9,110,110#msg-110

Type alphabet (not a checker)(by pinkunicorn)

#Hides from logged owners(not a checker)(by Target.)
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//8324 all
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//2262 Only nonpremium active nonevent caches are included

Number of caches by country (Not A Checker) (by Target.)
Archived and disabled excluded http://project-gc.com/Challenges//22476
Archived and disabled included http://project-gc.com/Challenges//22480

Number of caches by country and capita (Not a checker) (by Target.)
Archived and disabled excluded: http://project-gc.com/Challenges//22482
Archived and disabled included: http://project-gc.com/Challenges//22481
Archived and disabled excluded population >10000: http://project-gc.com/Challenges//22483

Type/size matrix (not a checker)(by pinkunicorn)

Types per year (not a checker)(by pinkunicorn)

Placed date including year (not a checker)(by pinkunicorn)

Log length by cache (Not a checker)(by Target.)
After you have edit a log use the support/self support/refresh to refresh the gccode. Else it might take a long time for it to be detected. There is no limit for the refresh that I am aware of.
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//19079 <=10 words
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//19083 <=20 words
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//19084 <=50 word
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//19085 no limit

N oldes by type (NOT A CHECKER)(by Target.)
pleas ask for a new tag if another area is needed
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//20258 World
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//20259 Czech Republic

Finds by year and type (not a checker)(by Target.)

FTF in Region/County (not a checker)(by Target.)
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//1643 Region
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//1644 County
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//20400 difficulty
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//20401 terrain
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//20403 DT

#DT by type (NOT A CHECKER) (by Target.)
Number of different DT combinations you have find for each cache type

Placed month per type (not a checker)
Finds by hidden month for each type

Size by year (NOT A CHECKER)
Cache size per year grouped by found and hidden date

Number of caches by country (percapita and area) (Not a checker)
Cache per km2 and per population
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//22565 cacher per km2
http://project-gc.com/Challenges//22482 cacher per 100 000 people

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Re: Usefull tools implemented as checkers
October 09, 2020 07:55AM
What about moving (and updating?) this list to the Wiki engine? Anyone up for it?

Related topic in QA: https://project-gc.com/qa/?qa=25521/there-that-provides-summary-list-helpful-tools-that-checker
Re: Usefull tools implemented as checkers
October 09, 2020 12:58PM
Good idea because the forum is not really the place where CO's will look
Re: Usefull tools implemented as checkers
October 24, 2020 02:47PM
A "not a checker" called List Finds by sumbloke that will list all your finds by date (ascending order), type, and D / T.

A "not a checker" called Lonely Finds by pieterix that identify any of your finds not found by someone else 365 days or greater.
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