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Self-support can be reached via the orange Support-button available in the top right area of most pages. It allows the user to start background jobs that could potentially fix some issues, email notifications for the background jobs can be toggled in user settings. Each Self-support button can be used once per week per user.

Before using the self-support buttons, the user should be aware that some 'issues' might not be a issue but related to how Project-GC works.

  • A latency of up to 36 hours is normal, for more information see Data synchronization.
  • Editing of logs takes longer for Project-GC to detect. More information can be found in the FAQ.
  • FTFs are detected by log tagging and bookmark lists, for more information see Logging an FTF.
  • The Profile Stats are not generated live and might not be affected by these changed until the next time they render.
  • Most pages at Project-GC avoid re-fetching all information every time they are displayed (for performance reasons) and may therefore be 10 minutes to 1 hour behind. These pages take some additional time to update after the background job has completed.
Available self-support buttons
Refresh number of finds Refreshes which geocaches the user has found, this manual job runs a full fetch and will take around 1 minute per 1000 finds.
Refresh found geocaches Refreshes data about geocaches that the user has found, this includes logs. This job will correct missing FTFs if the FTFs have been tagged correctly. This will take around 1 hour per 1000 finds.
Refresh hidden geocaches Refreshes data including logs about geocaches the user has hidden, this requires that Project-GC already knows that the user is the hider of the cache. This will take around 1 hour per 1000 hides.
Refresh cache notes Refreshes information about the users personal cache notes.
Refresh corrected coordinates Fetches all corrected coordinates from
Refresh Refreshes specific geocaches by their GCcode, multiple GCcodes can be run as one job.